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NDS 18x18 catch basin w/grey slotted plastic grate

The 1800 Catch Basin series is a big drain made for larger point drain applications.  With an optional two or four outlet openings, the 1800 Basin commands large water flow.  An expandable catch basin and component parts are also available to increase the nesting depth of the drain.  The 18" plastic basin features optional plastic (gray, black, green) grating at light load class or a commercial, delivery truck grade grate made from cast iron.

For a decorative look, Iron Age produces a grate for this catch basin in their 'Interlaken' pattern.

Iron Age Interlaken 18inch catch basin grate

1800 Series Catch Basin Documents

girl with NDS 1882 catch basin

For additional information and a parts listing, including photos, see the components listed below.  Click on a part number for a photograph.  Some system parts offer PDFs for viewing.  Also, you can view the Catch Basins & Grates Section of the NDS catalog for a system overview.

View the complete NDS Catch Basin standard grating PDF.

View the Installation Details.

View the 1800 Series Component Parts.

View all Catch Basin Universal Outlets.


1800 Series Catch Basin Components

Part Number

Item Description




1800 NDS 18" Expandable Catch Basin
w/ 2 Openings
10.00   get quote
1810 NDS Grey Plastic Slotted Catch Basin
Grate (18"x18")
8.00   Buy now at TrenchDrainGrates.com
1811 NDS Black Plastic Slotted Catch Basin
Grate (18"x18")
8.00   Buy now at TrenchDrainGrates.com
1812 NDS Green Plastic Slotted Catch Basin
Grate (18"x18")
8.00   Buy now at TrenchDrainGrates.com
1813 NDS Cast Iron Slotted Catch Basin Grate (18"x18") 35.00   Buy now at TrenchDrainGrates.com
1815 NDS Galvanized Steel Slotted Catch
Basin Grate (18"x18")
17.00   Buy now at DrainageKits.com
1816 NDS Extension for 18" Catch
Basin (4 Panels)
6.00 pdf Buy now at DrainageKits.com
1830 NDS 18" Low Profile Adapter w/
Bayonet Bottom Outlet
4.75 pdf get quote
1840 NDS 18" Catch Basin Adapter Frame
2.00 pdf get quote
1881 NDS Black Atrium Grate
3.50   Buy now at DrainageKits.com
1882 NDS One-piece 18" Catch Basin
w/ 2 Openings
10.00 pdf Buy now at DrainageKits.com
1884 NDS One-piece 18" Catch Basin
w/ 4 Openings
9.50   get quote
1888 NDS 8" Universal Outlet 1.25   Buy now at DrainageKits.com
1889 NDS 8" Offset Universal Outlet 0.80   get quote
1890 NDS Universal Outlet Reducer Ring
for 18" Catch Basins
0.50   get quote
1891 NDS Green Atrium Grate (18"x18") 3.50   Buy now at DrainageKits.com
IA-Int-18 Iron Age 18" Decorative Cast Iron
Interlaken Grate - Available raw or with Baked on Oil Finish
40 pdf Buy now at TrenchDrainGrates.com

18 inch catch basin kits and parts are available in our online store. Check out our complete kits with everything you need!

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